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What is the aim of the project?

The project is a collaboration of Uniwise company and Clever Decision company. Here you can find Aims and visions. In brief our aim is to help middle and small companies start planning processes and evaluation, which help them noticeably to the increase of their business value. We want to provide analyses possibilities to companies for which these technologies are financially and professionally inaccessible.

What are the future plans?

We have business plans focused on the expansion into international markets. Furthermore we have development plans for the extension of the application functions. The main field of the plan is concentrated on the extension to get other areas of data analyses and planning.

By the installation of Targetty you will automatically obtain information about new functions and automatic updates of products will be executed.

What experience do you have?

The project authors work more than 10 years in the field of Business Intelligence. We make use of experience from great projects in the product Targetty. We enable small and middle companies to get an access to the most up-to-date procedures and technologies.

Who are the customers?

The customers of Uniwise and Clever Decision are large and middle companies. Actual references could be found at our websites. Targetty aims at small and middle companies.

Contract conditions

When are the contract condition valid?

By the registration at you agree to the contract conditions. The contract conditions take effect from the registration to a termination of the contractual relation according to these conditions.

How many users can I have ?

You can have a random number of users. In case you want to register more than 200 users, please contact us in advance. Together we find the most favourable variant both from technological and price perspective.

Is it possible for users to access under one account?

Yes, you are free to do it. Free version is designated for this purpose. Even in Profi version more users can access under one account, however by doing it you lose the possibility to adjust rights, confirm plans and above all you negate the responsibility of individuals for their own plans.


What everything is necessary to install?

You install “Targetty Excel Add-In“. It represents an extension of Excel 2010, 2013, which enables a connection to data storage. All other applications can be found after login to the portal

Is it possible to influence the development of new functions?

Yes, at the discussion forum in the section “The content of forum Targetty I have an idea!” you can enter your suggestions and ideas for the next development direction. We will regularly inform you about the state of your requests. The individual development for a compensation is possible as well. In this case please contact us.

Is it possible to save plan tables to my computer, fill them up at home and send them to the server afterwards?

Targetty Excel Add-In for active planning demands the connection to the Internet. You can sign in again from home or anywhere else and continue with in-process planning.

Is it possible to save reports to my computer and take them to a business meeting?

You can save the Excel report for another use. The report will be saved in format and with data in the state in which is currently displayed.


Are my data save in your application?

We collect three kinds of cliental data. We treat each data category considering privacy protection and safety of our customers. The data are divided into three categories

  • Marketing data

Marketing data represent contact information about our clients. The data are created by your registration for subscription of service or business and marketing announcements. Only employees from business department have the access to these data. Every business announcement contains direct option for cancelling.

  • Meta data

Data about setting Targetty application. Meta data represent plan structures, plan forms, reports, users and other information necessary for running the application. Only employees from technical and support department have the access to these data. The data are automatically erased after the termination of the contractual relation between the client and

  • Customer data

Code lists, real customer turnovers, generated plans. These data are secured by your password and no one else has the accesss to them. The data are automatically erased after termination of the contractual relation between the cliend and

Where are the data stored?

The data are stored in the data center of this company Wedos.

How are my data secured?

Generally,we could say that your data are secured at the level of bank systems.

  • Encrypted transmission of data between your computer and server
  • Systematically encrypted password, could not be rectroactively decoded
  • Separately stored data of every customer enables instructed access
  • Regular back-up lowers the risk of losing your work



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  • Sharp version for free


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